Low Intesity Laser Therapy (LILT)

North Shore Health Associates offers its patients the latest in light therapy care. Our revolutionary BioFlex system utilizes laser light to accelerate the healingprocess. Light energy (photons) delivered by the laser is absorbed by cellular tissues (muscle, bone, nerve and other tissues) and transformed into biomechanical energy which in turn is used to restore normal cellular function (enhancement of the healing process). Laser is a safe and effective treatment with the patient experiencing a slight warming sensation over the affected area. Patients can realize improvement in as little as six treatments (approximately 30 minutes in length)

Common conditions treated with BioFlex Laser Therapy include:

  • back / neck pain
  • heel and foot pain (heel spurs / plantar fasciitis)
  • rotator cuff pain
  • tendonitis / bursitis
  • sport injuries
  • extremity pain (wrist, elbow, knee and ankle)
  • osteoarthritic / rheumatoid arthritic conditions