All muscles and tissues in the body function on signals that originate in the brain and travel down the spinal cord. Low voltage / interferential therapy acts to stimulate muscles and tissues resulting in:

Pain Control - by stimulating natural pain killers (endorphins /  enkaphalins) produced by the body.
A reduction in muscle spasm by resetting muscle fibers much like  resetting a circuit breaker in your house.
Exercising muscle fibers by causing their contraction. This leads to increased strength and prevents the likelihood of future injuries.
Decreased swelling in the affected areas due to the pumping action created when muscles contract and relax (improved circulation).

Interferential (Low Voltage) Therapy

Common Misconceptions
“More is good” Stimulation of muscles should be comfortable. Tolerating uncomfortable levels of muscle stimulation will not speed up healing and in most cases will hamper recovery.
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